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Gyaru Tips

Koji Eyetalk , which lot of japanese people wears it . It’s make ur eyes have eyelid. Lot of japanese people don’t have eyelid and have slanted eyes . Koji Eyetalk also works to make ur eys become big and when u take a pic , the pic will focus at ur eyes .

Koji Eyetalk

Gyaru Fact


A style that is too often called “Lolita Gal” but is rather Ro, as in romantic, and Manba who wear lots of pink and lots of lace. Romanba wear lots of Marie-chan and lots of pearls and flowers. Though similar to the idea of the Lolita Style. It is far from it. Typical brands are Pinky Girls and Liz Lisa. The skin tone is always very dark and the make-up is the same as Yamanba.

Romamba could almost be called the bastard love child of the ganguro and gothic lolita genres. It features cute, frilly clothes, lots of pink and of course, a love for Marie-chan of Disney’s Aristocats fame.

Kigirumi are the super-sized character suits that manbas and their posse are notorious for running around in; popular characters include Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty and Pikachu, among others.

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One of the right way gyaru make - up

"I can’t live without men"
-Gyaru’s slogan

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